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Lovett’s ELA scores ranked in top ten, math top 15

LovettSeptember 22, 2022


With the August release of district scores from MDE, Lovett Elementary’s ELA scores were ranked seventh in the state, with math scores ranking the school in the top 15.


“I’m so proud of how hard Lovett’s teachers have worked,” Lovett principal Dr. Michael Pope said. “I’m also thankful for the parents in this community who support the teachers at Lovett and remain involved in their children’s education.”


Sixth grade ELA teacher Wendy Kane said the ELA department has always held students to a high standard, but the previous two years required the teachers to adjust for learning gaps caused by an interruption in traditional schooling.


“We have been intentional about looking at data to drive our instruction, going deeper and applying skills they will need to be successful throughout their academic journey,” she said.


Teresa Delaughter said the teachers continued to push students to grow on a daily basis.


“We worked hard to motivate students and to help them believe that they were able to meet those expectations,” Delaughter said. “When those expectations were met, we would set the bar higher, and the students would rise to the occasion.


“Success is measured in the ability to keep trying and to believe that we are always capable of much more,” Delaughter said. “Most students just need to know someone cares and believes in them, and that someone will hold them accountable to become successful.”


Kane echoed her fellow teacher, saying the student-teacher relationships developed played a key role. “The teachers encouraged the students daily to be successful in the classroom,” she said. “We made sure they knew we believed in them.”



Teresa Delaughter—Lovett ELA teacher



Wendy Kane—Lovett ELA teacher