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Clinton 5th and 8th grade science scores rank CPSD at the top

Science Lab StationSeptember 8, 2022


Clinton students have, once again, found themselves ranked in the top tier when it comes to Mississippi Department of Education’s student performance science data.


Unlike English Language Arts and mathematics, which are tested every year, science scores come from testing students in fifth grade and eighth grade.


Fifth graders at Eastside ranked second in the state on the 5th Grade MAAP science test, and eighth graders at CJHS ranked seventh in the state on the 8th grade test.  


“Once again, I’m very proud of our teachers at CJHS for their efforts towards building positive relationships and providing the best education for the students of Clinton,” CJHS principal Tamikia Billings said.


“The teachers at Eastside are intentional about growing students academically and behaviorally through high expectations and aligned instruction,” Eastside principal Mandy Taylor said. “Being diligent and intentional make a significant impact on student achievement.”


Fifth grade science teacher Christy Perdeye said the success stemmed from teachers' efforts to better adapt their curriculum to align with state standards.


“We are constantly working on our labs and how we present material to the students to ensure a deeper understanding of the content,” Perdeye said. “Our students really enjoy their science class and really rise to our higher expectations.”


Other Eastside science teachers echoed Perdeye’s sentiments, pointing to the excitement coming from the hands-on nature of labs to the academic challenge placed on the shoulders of their students to become true scientists where they can explore topics and explain the facts at hand.


Khadijah Nobles said the power that came from the collection of teachers collaborating played a large role in instilling various methods of differentiated instruction.


“We used data to follow up on the standards that needed extra attention,” Nobles said. “We realized the more we made the material relatable to show how it applies to the real world, the more they understood it.”


The effectiveness of teamwork has been proven during the planning and teaching phases at Eastside, and it’s proven to be just as effective at Clinton Junior High School.


“Our department truly works together as a team,” CJHS science teacher Dallas Smith said. “We look at the whole picture, the whole department, instead of just worrying about ourselves and our classroom.”


“We work together using best practices, rigorous instruction and assessment and structured additional support to help students at all levels grow and be successful,” CJHS science teacher Derek Hart said.


Connor Hart said the science team works collectively to educate students and to build positive relationships with them as well. “We meet students where they are,” she said, “but we also challenge them through higher order thinking and real-world application. When students rise to that challenge, it encourages them to do their best.”