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Clinton High School ranked top-10 in English II, top-15 in U.S. History

Student WorkingSeptember 7, 2022


Students and teachers at Clinton High School refused to allow the uncertainties of the past two school years to deter them from their goal of high student achievement.


The Mississippi Department of Education released student performance data in late August, revealing the fruits of Clinton High School’s focused efforts.


CHS found their English II scores ranked them ninth in the state and their U.S. History scores ranked them in the top-15.


“I am extremely proud of the hard work and dedication displayed by both our English II and U.S. History students and teachers,” Clinton High School principal Brett Robinson said.


“Our English II teachers worked intensely all year, evaluating their curriculum and pacing in an effort to make sure our instruction was aligned with state standards,” he said. “Test data proved that the countless hours of meeting and planning as a team paid off.”


English II teacher Hannah Rachel Smith said the need to regroup as a department and encourage the students to get back into a normal school routine played a large role in overhauling their efforts towards instruction.


“We spent a lot of time revamping our pacing guide and selecting more relevant, engaging texts for our students like nonfiction texts that examined the prevalence of technology in our lives that allowed students to take ownership of their learning, really homing in on specific strengths and weaknesses,” she said.


Smith said the English II teachers were intentional as well when it came to remediation and reinforcement of state standards. “Our students felt a healthy pressure to give their best efforts in class and on the state assessment,” she said.


Smith said the English teachers are proud of the hard work exhibited by the students. “It was refreshing to see their confidence increase throughout the year, especially after a few years of uncertainty.”


Robinson said administrators and teachers were blown away when the U.S. History scores were released from the State Department.


“Our U.S. History teachers worked diligently as a team by reviewing instruction, pouring over data and making sound decisions that were in the best interest of students,” he said. “Not only did we rank in the top-15 when it came to proficiency, but 96 percent of our students passed the assessment.”


AP U.S. History Kyle Nichols praised the work ethic of the students as well as the partnerships exhibited amongst the U.S. History teachers.


“Our students did not use the uncertainties of the previous two years as an excuse,” he said.


In similar fashion to the English II teachers, Nichols said his department pushed the students to own more of their learning. “We put more of an emphasis on student-led learning, allowing students to have more autonomy in the learning process.”


He said the goal of the department is to achieve a proficiency mark of at least 80 percent, so to score 86 percent proficient or advanced was an amazing accomplishment.


“It is also a great opportunity to see a chance for more student growth as we strive for higher success this school year,” Nichols said.


Both the English II and U.S. History teachers said a key factor to Clinton High School’s success was their efforts to build meaningful relationships within their classrooms.


“We had the chance to walk these students through a year’s worth of accomplishments, challenges and even failures,” Nichols said. “They worked so hard to set a high standard of excellence, and it was fun to watch them go after the goals they set for themselves.”


“It is our goal at Clinton High School to serve as a leader among Mississippi high schools,” Robinson said, “and once again, our students and teachers have risen to that challenge.”


Kyle Nichols

Kyle Nichols, US History


Hannah Rachel Smith

Hannah Rachel Smith, English II