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David and Mary Fehr to transition into Clinton Public School District’s Executive Directors of Show Choirs

FehrsLongtime directors of Clinton High School’s Attaché Show Choir David and Mary Fehr announced their transition from the head of the nationally acclaimed show choir to their new roles as Executive Directors of Show Choirs effective at the end of the current school year.


In a letter, the Fehrs stated their gratitude to the Attaché family and the Clinton community for continuous encouragement and expressed their excitement for the future of the program.


“In our new position, it will be fun and exciting to continue instilling the fundamentals and work ethic that are the backbone of our sustained success to a new generation of Arrows,” the Fehrs wrote.


“David and Mary Fehr will be able to assist in the learning curve with the nuances of Attaché’s unrivaled culture of sustained excellence,” CPSD Superintendent Dr. Andy Schoggin said. “Additionally, employing their talents across our programs will ensure continuity as they continue to evolve and remain leaders within the national show choir community.”


The transition into these new roles will allow the Fehrs to assist all the show choir directors in the Clinton Public School District in the development of students’ musical talents as well as provide valuable mentorship and feedback.


Former Attaché crew member, president of the Attaché Booster Club and longtime supporter of the show choir Dr. John Goolsby, Jr. heralds the impact the Fehrs have had on the program and the students over the years.


“Everyone in the show choir community looks to Attaché for models of innovation, class and professionalism,” Goolsby said. “The Fehrs have always been about maximizing student potential, not only in their ability to perform on stage but in the skills needed to be successful in life.”


President of Clinton Public School District’s Board of Trustees Dr. Matt Thomas said the Fehrs have not only had a strong impact on Attaché but on the city of Clinton.


“They have proven to excel and find success regularly. Not only on stage, where they’ve won 23 consecutive Grand Champion titles, but also in creating leaders of our students,” Thomas said. “We have been blessed to have them lead this amazing show choir for the past 30 years.”


Pit Director Robert Allen said the Fehrs have been instrumental in shaping and influencing what show choirs are today. “Their innovative design, musical creativity and attention to detail have created the standard of performance that others strive to achieve. Having them continue to mentor the next wave of students is a win for the school district and the community.”


“Handing off this storied program in a manner that creates a smooth transition and succession is valuable,” Dr. Schoggin added. “The ability and influence of David and Mary Fehr to promote and develop each student’s talents in choral singing, choreography and stage performance will continue to be utilized heavily in their new role.”


“Without everyone’s support and cooperation, 85 Grand Championships out of 94 competitions attended and the recent all-time Show Choir streak of 23 straight Grand Championships would not have been possible,” the Fehrs said in their letter.


“We are looking forward to continuing our relationships with the show choirs in the Clinton Public School District and will keep striving for excellence.”


Created in 1981 by Winona Costello, Clinton High School’s Attaché Show Choir has won more Grand Champion titles than any other show choir in the nation and has produced numerous successful entertainment professionals.


Since 1992, David and Mary Fehr have guided Attaché to 85 Grand Champion Titles as well as numerous awards for Best Overall Effect, Best Vocals, Best Choreography, Best Costumes, Best Band and numerous other accolades.


A search for a new director of Clinton’s Attaché Show Choir will begin immediately, and a new director will be named at a later date.