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Sumner Hill students place first in regional Stock Market Game

SHJanuary 13, 2022


Most people consult their financial advisors for investing tips and strategies. Now you might find the top advisors at your local school.


While continuing to work through adapting to the new educational environment, three Sumner Hill students took learning to the next level by taking top honors in the Mississippi Stock Market Game.


Students Zamarian Fanroy, Aaron Hickman and Jonathan Murphy from Sumner Hill Junior High School, coached by Brad Pope, were named Region 3 1st place winners in the fall 2021 High School Division of the Mississippi Stock Market Game.


Mr. Pope said The Stock Market Game is presented by the Mississippi Council for Economic Education and is available for students in grades 4-10 throughout the state.


Teams of 3-5 students receive virtual money in the amount of $100,000 to invest in the stock market over a 13-week period. In order for teams to be eligible for prizes, they must maintain at least $10,000 in stocks, bonds and mutual funds.


“Reading about the market and how it works or viewing a PowerPoint does not get the message across to students the way actually playing the market does,” Mr. Pope said.


The students prepare for the game by studying stocks, bonds and mutual funds in depth as well as talking directly to professional financial advisers.


Mr. Pope said this is more than a game for his students; it’s a tool that gives them the closest thing to real experience they will ever get as freshmen in high school.


“Students come away with practical experience that will stick with them as they possibly pursue careers in financial advising,” Pope added.


A new game will start in the spring semester, and Mr. Pope plans to enter multiple teams.


“You have to play the market to understand the market,” Pope said, “and this is a fun way to introduce a very challenging topic.”