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Freshman Evie Maynard’s artwork chosen for Hometown Clinton cover

Evie MaynardNovember 16, 2021


Freshman Evie Maynard’s original artwork was chosen by Hometown Magazine to be displayed on the front cover of the most recent edition.


“My best friend, Jolie Lorentz, was trying to convince me that I should submit something,” Maynard said, “so I asked her for some suggestions. She told me that I should maybe do something with a tiny snowman, so I did and built off that.”


Maynard said when she found out she was named the winner that it didn’t sink in that her artwork was deemed the best until she was talking to her parents.


“I was really excited and proud of myself,” she said. “My art teacher was excited too and gave me a huge hug when she found out.”


Rebecca Lancaster, Sumner Hill’s art teacher, praised Maynard’s work and work ethic. “She’s very creative and passionate about art,” Lancaster said. “I am very proud to be her teacher year, and I’m so happy she won the contest. Everyone said her artwork was just beautiful, and I agree.”


Maynard said the recognition has bolstered her confidence in her work, something she feels most artists struggle to comprehend about themselves.


“I think that’s kind of what it feels like for most people who do art—a lot of brutal self-criticism, but it was kind of a reassurance in my mind that I’m not really as bad as I feel like I am.”