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A video message from Dr. Andy Schoggin (Sept. 9, 2021)

September Update from Dr. Andy Schoggin (September 9, 2021) 




With the first four weeks of school completed, the Clinton Public School District has released an update regarding COVID-19 protocols and district-specific data.


In a video message, CPSD Superintendent Dr. Andy Schoggin provided data on how CPSD’s safety protocols have kept a vast majority of students in school, comparing CPSD to comparable districts from around the state that are mask optional.


In the update, Dr. Schoggin said the district will continue following guidance from the CDC and MSDH, extending universal masking inside all buildings through the first week of October.


“We will review this decision by October 8, 2021, to determine the effectiveness and next steps,” Dr. Schoggin said.


“In making this decision, our primary goal is to continue to assure access to in-person school and the opportunity for learning and connection with our students and their teachers,” Dr. Schoggin said. “We recognize that students learn best when physically present inside our classrooms and when connected with their teachers.”


Comparison of Students Positive


Comparison of Students Quarantined 


Comparison of Employees Positive