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New Student Registration and Enrollment Information

Parents and guardians of students new to the Clinton Public School District must register their student online in order to enroll for classes starting in August.


To register a new student online, parents and guardians must first access the New Student Registration link and create an Enrollment account.


Once an Enrollment account has been created, parents and guardians can complete the online registration process.


During the online registration process, parents will be required to upload required residency documents, parent photo identification and student information.


Residency documents required during this process include a lease, deed or mortgage statement in the parent’s or guardian’s name plus a current utility bill in the parent’s or guardian’s name.


The scheduled day for Registration and Enrollment for new students is August 4, at your student’s campus.


On this day, parents and guardians who did not upload their child’s Social Security Card, birth certificate, immunization record or parent identification will present these documents to their child’s school. Students entering seventh grade must present an updated TDAP form as well.


Clinton High School will register new students to the district by appointment only. Parents needing to register their student at CHS will need to call 601-924-5443 to set up an appointment with a counselor. New students will not be registered at CHS without an appiontment.


Students new to the district are also encouraged to return on August 9, when they will receive their schedule, meet their teachers and drop off any school supplies if needed.


For any questions concerning the online registration process, please contact [email protected].


All other questions concerning registration at their student’s school, they are encouraged to contact their student’s principal.