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Clinton’s Attaché Show Choir announces Spring Revue dates

Attache The Attaché Show Choir’s Annual Spring Revue is only weeks away.


This year’s Spring Revue will be a condensed version of what is traditionally performed.


To stay in accordance with Clinton Public School District’s COVID-19 guidelines, this year’s Spring Revue will be limited capacity.


Show dates and times are as follows:

  • Thursday, April 29 at 7:30pm (Parents Only) *Ticket purchase not required 
  • Friday, April 30 at 7:30pm
  • Saturday, May 1 at 7:30pm

Limited General Admission ticket sales will be available from 5:00pm to 7:30pm on April 22-23 and April 26-28 inside Clinton High School.


For more information contact Deborah Morgan at [email protected] or Matt Hines at [email protected].