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CPSD Board lifts medical documentation requirement for virtual student classification


The Clinton Public School District’s Board of Trustees has agreed to lift the medical documentation requirement for students to be classified as Virtual Students.


This change in policy will allow for parents to request their child to be classified as a virtual student without medical documentation or physician’s signature.


Students who are classified as virtual students will be designated as such for the first nine-week period and may return to face-to-face instruction beginning at the start of the second nine-week period on October 12.


Students who choose to remain virtual students after October 12 will remain virtual for the remainder of the fall semester.


“We have heard from parents as well as medical professionals who have voiced their concerns and are amending requirements for students who wish to remain virtual,” Clinton Public School District’s Superintendent Dr. Tim Martin said.


“We believe we have a strong plan in place and are fully aware of the flexibility needed as we enter into this unprecedented school year,” he added. “We are listening to our parents and our community and want to do what is best for our students and our district.”


Parents wishing to classify their child as a virtual student are encouraged to complete the Updated Virtual Student Request Form and submit via fax or email to their child’s principal by July 31, 2020.


The updated form as well as principal contact information can be found on the Return to School page at