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Lovett, CHS Career Complex hold Forensic Fair

Lovett students in Hazmat suits (group)


Sixth graders at Lovett participated in the fourth annual Forensic Science Fair. The fair was a partnership between the ACCENT program at Lovett and Jeff Franks, a former Evidence Response Team member of the FBI, and students from his Law & Public Safety class at the Clinton High School Career Complex. The ACCENT students are learning about 14 forensic sciences. 

The fair gave them a hands-on experience of what they have learned so far through five stations. The stations allowed students to try on personal protection equipment, examine their own fingerprints, handcuff one another, practice diagramming a crime scene, and gathering evidence through photography. The students gain a “greater appreciation of what is involved in law enforcement activities,” said Franks. He hopes that the fair builds the students’ excitement about careers in public safety.

CHS students teach lovett students about forensics


Lovett students learn how to dust for fingerprints


- Photos and information by CPSD Communication Intern Rebecca Costa