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Soldier surprises kindergarten daughter at Clinton Park

Jane hugs her dad, Pvt. Joao Kratochvil


For grown-ups, eight months may not seem like a long time but when you're a kindergartener, it can feel like an eternity.
That's how long it's been since Clinton Park Elementary School student Jane Kratochvil has seen her father, Army Private Joao Kratochvil, who has been in training at Ft. Gordon in Georgia and Ft. Jackson in South Carolina.
On Monday, he surprised his daughter at school. Jane's teacher and classmates applauded when he scooped her into a bear hug.
For the past eight months, he said, "We facetimed and I called her. She loved it and I loved every chance to talk to her."
After checking her out of school, they spent the afternoon watching movies and catching up.