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AIM program at CHS helps EL students

Trave Hopkins and students


Clinton Public School District

Dr. Tim Martin, Superintendent

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Media contact: Sandi Beason, APR



CLINTON — Imagine being a child whose family has moved to a new country. 


You don’t speak the language. You aren’t familiar with the culture. Everything is new and different.


At Clinton High School, there is a group of students who volunteer to mentor and assist English Language Learners with the transition to a new environment. The Arrow Intercultural Mentors — or AIM — program provides a student-based support system for students whose native language is not English.


“AIM students assist English Language students with everyday tasks like navigating the building, following daily procedures, getting a lunch, and getting on the correct bus home,” said CHS Principal Brett Robinson. 


AIM volunteers even help with English language-based instruction. 


“Many of our AIM students are former ELL students who have exited the program by scoring proficient in reading, writing and speaking,” he said. “These students in particular are paired with students who speak the same native language and they serve as translators when necessary.”


The AIM program at CHS is led by Spanish and ELL teacher Julie Roberts and counselor Katelon Adcock.


“These kids are awesome,” Roberts said. “I couldn’t make it without them.”


She has three AIM volunteers working with her first block class and two more working with her second block class.


“There are another six students who are part of AIM who help as their schedules allow,” she said.