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CPSD tests crisis plan, procedures in active shooter drill

Eastside Principal Mandy Taylor and Eastside teachers





Clinton Public School District

Dr. Tim Martin, Superintendent

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Media contact: Sandi Beason, APR



CLINTON — On Monday afternoon, Eastside Elementary School Principal Mandy Taylor called all of her teachers together for a faculty meeting.


“I wanted to look all of you in the face and make sure you’re OK,” she said. 


Tuesday is returning student registration and classes begin on Thursday. But this meeting wasn’t about the usual back-to-school planning; on Monday morning the Clinton Public School District held a full scale active shooter drill at Eastside, and Taylor spoke to teachers about the results.


“Y’all did an amazing, phenomenal job,” she said.


CPSD partnered with the city of Clinton and the Clinton Police Department to test all aspects of its plan and procedures for an active shooter scenario. During the drill, the school and law enforcement responded to a simulated shooting that resulted in multiple injuries and fatalities. 


“Preparedness is essential to an effective response by the city of Clinton’s public safety personnel,” said Clinton Mayor Phil Fisher. “Active shooter drills help prepare us should the unthinkable happen. These drills are designed to test our readiness and identify areas of vulnerability so that we can fix them and better protect the lives of our students and residents.”


The exercise included the immediate, in-school response, first responders and city response, communications with parents and the community, evacuating campus, and reunifying students with parents. It involved teachers and school staff, law enforcement, media, and multiple community partners.


“You hear on the news too often about shootings at schools,” said Dr. Tim Martin, superintendent of schools. “We don’t want to think that something like that could happen here, but we have to plan for that possibility. Today’s drill was a great opportunity for us to practice the procedures we have in place and get our plans updated as we start the new school year.”