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Student receive 3rd nine weeks Rising Arrow awards


Rising Arrow Award winners (group)


Clinton Public School District

Dr. Tim Martin, Superintendent

(601) 924-7533

Media contact: Sandi Beason, APR



CLINTON — At its April meeting, the Clinton School Board recognized seven students who received the Rising Arrow Award for the third nine weeks.


This award is given to students who display good character and integrity, and is based on nominations from faculty and staff at each school. The Rising Arrow award is given to one student per school per nine weeks period during the school year.


Winners include:


Clinton Park Elementary School

Anna Dear, kindergarten

“Anna is a sweet, loving young girl. She comes to school ready to learn every day. She loves learning and gives it her all every time. She is a very caring girl. She loves to help her friends in the classroom, at specials and on the playground. She makes sure everyone is taken care of first. She is good with our inclusion students in our room. She makes sure no one feels left out. Overall, Anna is a caring child.”


Northside Elementary School

David Barnett, second grade

“David is the smallest and most shy young man in my class, but he faces Goliath daily. He has made it his mission in class to help the helpless, befriend the friendless, and he genuinely has a good heart. Every morning he comes to class with a smile and a hug. He is usually the last person to complete his assignments because he will help those around him who are struggling. He is the first one to offer the sharing of a snack with friends who are hungry. He does his best to calm the angry and the frustrated with his words of encouragement. He never once does this for a reward or recognition of good deeds. All the while he is managing to show growth in his academics. The world needs more people like David, who do the right thing even when no one is watching. I am blessed that he is in my classroom spreading kindness and teaching us that the ability to love is our most powerful ability.”


Eastside Elementary School

Kate Gilliam, fourth grade

"Kate comes in the building smiling in the mornings and leaves smiling in the afternoons. She spreads sunshine as she goes about her day. She has a friend who has special needs and they were in class together last year. This year they are on different hallways and the friend goes to a room close to Kate's room. The student and Kate are sweet friends. When I see the student she tells me with the biggest smile that she's going to see Kate. They are on the playground at the same time and have a sweet friendship. During Read Across America Day, Kate came in with special cookies and when it came time to pass them out she went to the hall that her friend was on to share cookies with her and others. Kate remembered her friend and even though she is on a different hallway she wanted her to have a special treat on a special day. Many times when people or things are out of sight they are out of mind; however, this is not the case with Kate and her friend. They have a sweet bond!"


Lovett Elementary School

Theodore “Teddy” Klopman, sixth grade

"Teddy is an exceptional young man. He works extremely hard in class and never fails to participate. He always likes to see how you are doing. Teddy has a kind heart and a brilliant mind. I know he is going to grow up to be a spectacular person and Arrow!"


Clinton Junior High School

Abigail Young, eighth grade

"I would like to nominate Abigail Young for the Rising Arrow Award.  Not only is Abigail a phenomenal student in the classroom, but she is also very involved in the arts and in athletics.  Each and every day she puts her best foot forward no matter if it is in the classroom, on the stage, or on the volleyball court.  I think Abigail would be an awesome representative for Clinton Junior High’s Rising Arrow Award."


Sumner Hill Junior High School

Tywon Alexander, ninth grade

"Tywon is an outstanding young man. As a Peer Guidance member, he demonstrates positive leadership skills and helps his fellow peers. I have seen his caring disposition when we went to Clinton Park to read to students.  He made a special effort to get to know his adopted student and wanted to speak to other Clinton Park teachers while we were there.  When we meet as a Peer Guidance Committee monthly, he contributes to the conversation in a positive way.  He is also willing to help Sumner Hill teachers and parents when needed.  He has an outstanding attitude and makes a point to speak to his teachers and adults.  Even though he has had many challenges this year, he still has a smile on his face and is always on the Honor Roll.  Tywon is an honors student and plays on the CHS football team.  He is a caring student who is sensitive to others and wants to make a positive difference wherever he is.  Tywon exemplifies what it means to be a Rising Arrow!"


Clinton High School

Jamarcus Archie, eleventh grade

"A couple of months ago, Jamarcus found a small child wandering down Old Vicksburg Road over by Kids Town. He pulled his car over and got the child out of the road. He then went door to door until he found the house the child had wandered away from. This act of maturity, well-being of others, and responsibility is exactly what we look for in every CHS student."