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Pre-school applications accepted April 1

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Clinton Public School District

Dr. Tim Martin, Superintendent

(601) 924-7533

Media contact: Sandi Beason, APR



CLINTON — Clinton Park will accept applications for its pre-K program beginning April 1.


Children will be accepted into the program based on a needs assessment, with numerical value assigned to each category.


“We receive grant funding for our pre-K program so unfortunately there is limited availability,” said Dr. Tim Martin, Superintendent of Schools. “It is not a full-scale program like kindergarten; we are only able to offer a few classes.”


The screening assessment is a rubric that measures need on a point scale. It asks if the child has a disability, if he or she previously attended Head Start or other pre-school program, family income level and other factors.


Children with the highest score on the needs assessment will be given priority for placement. Applicants who are not accepted will go on a waiting list with priority for placement based on need.


Children accepted into the pre-K program must verify their residency in the Clinton Public School District and provide additional enrollment documents including an immunization form, birth certificate and social security card.


To be eligible, children must turn 4 by Sept. 1, 2019. Applications for the 2019-20 school year will be accepted April 1-18, and no applications will be accepted after the deadline.