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Lovett students launch anti-texting and driving campaign

Jeff Franks and Lovett students


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CLINTON — Sixth-grade gifted students were so moved by a recent unit on law and forensics that they are starting an awareness campaign on the dangers of texting and driving.


“They have designed and created posters, flyers, bookmarks, pledge cards, T-shirts, a bulletin board, and many other things,” said Lovett ACCENT teacher Ellen Brunson. The campaign will be held this spring, with exact dates and events still being planned.


Students studied more than a dozen forensic sciences including anthropology, ballistics, biology, chemistry, pathology, fingerprinting, toxicology and others. They held labs with earth science to analyze evidence and solve crimes. The unit ended with mock trials, including one for a 19-year-old charged with vehicular manslaughter.


“Students role-played the judge, attorneys, witnesses and others,” Brunson said. “The defendant admitted to texting and driving on a late rainy night with four other teens in the car. One teen was killed and another seriously injured.”


This mock trial inspired the students to research statistics on texting and driving, she said. They also watched videos of people who had been injured by drivers who were texting.


When plans for the campaign are finalized, students will coordinate with the Clinton Public School District, the city of Clinton and other community entities to promote their materials and measure campaign outcomes.


“They plan to have an event in the community where they have a wrecked car on display, a large screen to show the motto, statistics, video, a commercial that the students created, and other activities that display the dangers of this behavior,” Brunson said.