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Clinton children start kindergarten ready to learn, study shows


Clinton Park students celebrate Red Ribbon Week (group pic)


Clinton Public School District

Dr. Tim Martin, Superintendent

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Media contact: Sandi Beason, APR


CLINTON — An announcement this month from the Mississippi Department of Education shows that children in Clinton come to kindergarten prepared and ready to learn.


“This is a testament to the high quality of the pre-schools in our community,” said Dr. Tim Martin, superintendent of schools. “When students come to us with the basic skills they’ll need for kindergarten, they are prepared to succeed academically from that point on.”


The Fall 2018 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment placed Clinton children in the top 5 statewide on this assessment. Statewide, the average score on the fall 2018 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment was 501. Only 16 out of 141 school districts had an average score of 530 or above.  


“Clinton families are making a commitment to education from day one, well before their children come to Clinton Park,” said Assistant Superintendent Anthony Goins. “The families in our community understand that this early emphasis on education is critical to their children’s success.”


Research from a four-year study shows that 85 percent of students at the beginning of kindergarten with a score of 530 or above on the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment are on track to become proficient readers by the end of third grade. This assessment evaluates early literacy skills such as the ability to recognize letters and match words to their sounds, and a student’s recognition that print flows from left to right.


At Clinton’s kindergarten and first-grade school, Clinton Park Elementary, teachers work hard to get all children where they need to be academically, said Principal Kelli Pope.


“It really makes a difference when parents and preschools prepare children for kindergarten,” she said. “It gives kids the foundation they need to be successful on day one.”


Making high-quality early education accessible to all children is one of the primary goals of the Mississippi State Board of Education.


“High-quality early childhood education helps children prepare for kindergarten and has a positive impact on academic achievement throughout a child’s education,” said Dr. Carey Wright, state superintendent of Education.



Results available here:



Top 16 school districts statewide on the 2018 Fall Kindergarten Readiness Assessment:

  1. Clarksdale Collegiate Public Charter School District - 560
  2. Western Line School District – 559
  3. Hollandale School District – 557
  4. Quitman Municipal School District – 554
  5. Clinton Public School District – 543
  6. Leland School District – 543
  7. Alcorn School District – 541
  8. Petal School District – 541
  9. Attala County School District – 539
  10. Lowndes County School District – 539
  11. Monroe County School District – 539
  12. Coahoma County School District – 536
  13. Grenada School District – 535
  14. Enterprise School District – 534
  15. Madison County School District – 532
  16. Neshoba County School District - 530