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Clinton schools recognize Rising Arrows for first nine-weeks


Rising Arrow Award Winners

Rising Arrow student award winners are (front row, from left) Lillie Wince, Northside Elementary; Cornelious Woods, Clinton Park Elementary; Jadyn Wright, Eastside Elementary; Reagan Cooper, Lovett Elementary; (back row, from left) Emma Grace Stanteen, Clinton High School; Carson Dowd, Clinton Junior High; and Jacob Potter, Sumner Hill Junior High.



Clinton Public School District

Dr. Tim Martin, Superintendent

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Media contact: Sandi Beason, APR



CLINTON — There are hundreds of children in Clinton’s public schools who are not on honor roll, not the star of their sports team, or not the top of their class.


But they come to school every day and do their work, they are courteous to teachers and staff, they help other students and they excel in ways that may not be quantified. The new Rising Arrow award honors students who are quietly working to make the world a better place.


“We began this award to recognize students who demonstrate integrity and good character,” said Dr. Tim Martin, superintendent of schools. “They help others in need, both at school and in their community. They are kind to others. They do the right thing without being asked, only because it’s the right thing to do. The Rising Arrow award is a way to say thank you for being good people, and not just good students.”


The Rising Arrow award is given to one student per school per nine weeks period. Teachers and staff nominate students who show integrity, good character and who are helping and encouraging others around them. Winners are recognized at a school board meeting, and receive gifts from Wal-Mart and Chick-fil-A.



First nine-weeks winners include:

Cornelious Woods, Clinton Park Elementary

Cornelious transferred to the Clinton Public School District this school year, beginning in first grade. He applies himself, is attentive, participates in class, and is not afraid to take risks and meet challenges. Because of his hard work and dedication, his grades are up and he is doing great in first grade. Cornelious is the true definition of the Arrow pledge. He is responsible, respectful, obedient and a winner. Because of that he is succeeding.


Lillie Wince, Northside Elementary School

Lilly has a kind, loving and joyful spirit that lights up a room. Even when the lesson is rigorous, she never becomes angry or discouraged. She celebrates small victories and continues to work diligently and to fully participate in all lessons and activities. She is always quick to comfort others in a moment of sadness or offer to share if a friend is in need. She demonstrates patience, perseverance, and compassion on a daily basis. Lillie consistently tells others how much she loves or admires them without expecting anything in return. Her admirable characteristics are contagious and encourage other students to demonstrate kindness and care for one another. She is a joy to teach and a joy to be around for both teachers and students alike.


Jadyn Wright, Eastside Elementary School

Jadyn has cancer and deals with chemo, low counts, and frequently wearing a mask to stay healthy; however, she comes to school as often as she can and keeps her grades up all while keeping a positive attitude. Many kids in this situation would use an illness this severe as an excuse not to do well or to slack, but Jadyn has come to school on days after chemo, feeling really bad, but still trying to make it through the day. She motivates everyone to be better in every aspect of their lives, to have more compassion for others, appreciate every day and to keep going even when we don’t feel like it. She has helped us, through her daily actions, to know that if a burden is placed on your life you have everything you need within you to get through it. She has made a mark on our hearts forever.


Reagan Cooper, Lovett Elementary School

Reagan exemplifies what it means to be an Arrow. She is attentive. Reagan participates, volunteers to read, and adds to class discussion. She is responsible. Reagan stays on top of her work, keeps up with all her belongings and classwork, and is a student we know we can rely on. She is respectful. Reagan responds to adults with great manners and treats her classmates with great respect. She is obedient. Reagan follows all instructions and also follows our rules and procedures. Finally, Reagan is wise. She has made good choices and is a wonderful student each day.


Carson Dowd, Clinton Junior High School

Carson Dowd is a great young man. He is active in his classes and extracurricular activities. He’s always smiling and positive in every situation. He’s always ready to lend a helping hand from holding doors, picking up litter in the car line, and encouraging students and adults alike. He is always respectful and a hard worker.


Jacob Potter, Sumner Hill Junior High School

Jacob’s family is new to CPSD. Jacob took eighth grade class at Sumner Hill last year and this year he is enrolled here as a ninth grader. He has always wanted to step in and help with any tasks students assist with in the office from taking messages to teachers to reading the school announcements on the intercom. He is always respectful, prepared for whatever comes his way, encouraging to others, and he is funny! He has a great personality and he is a great student.


Emma Grace Stanteen, Clinton High School

Emma Grace goes out of way to work with and be friendly to our students with disabilities. She volunteers time to work with students in Mrs. Pardue’s class. It is always so warming to see those kids light up when Emma Grace comes around. I’ve told her over and over that I will hire her in a second if she decides to be a teacher.