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Thank you!

Open letter from Clinton School Board President Dr. Matt Thomas:


Dr. Matt Thomas, Clinton School Board President


On behalf of the Clinton Public School District Board of Trustees, students, faculty and staff, I would like to thank voters for your overwhelming support of the $25 million 2018 school bond referendum on Sept. 11.


Through your support, we will be able to issue general obligation bonds to expand and improve our facilities to accommodate a growing enrollment. Nearly every school in the district will be impacted by this bond issue, from students at Clinton High School down to the youngest Arrows at Clinton Park.


With these funds, we can finally realize our long-term goal of relocating the CHS Career Complex to the main campus of Clinton High School. We can add much needed classroom space at multiple schools and make our schools safer in the process.


In addition to voters, we are incredibly grateful to the bond campaign committee comprised of PTO presidents and chaired by John Murphy. We appreciate the support of our municipal leaders who oversaw the election process on Tuesday, and helped raise awareness of the bond’s scope and details leading up to the election date. We appreciate the civic groups and clubs that graciously invited our bond committee to attend and present at meetings. We are grateful for clergy and faith communities who supported this initiative. Thank you to parents and teachers who attended Back to School night presentations of the bond information. We also appreciate our Superintendent Dr. Tim Martin, his staff and volunteers who worked alongside the bond campaign committee to provide information for voters to understand the urgency of this initiative. And certainly, we appreciate all CPSD faculty and staff for your hard work, day in and day out, to provide excellence in education.


The Board will work diligently in the coming weeks and months to make the best use of these funds entrusted to us by Clinton Public School District voters. Your commitment to our schools is essential to prepare our students to succeed today and in the future. Together we can continue the tradition of excellence in our schools, for the benefit of all our children.


Go Arrows!


Dr. Matt Thomas,
Clinton School Board President