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CPSD launches 'We Are Arrow Nation' community campaign

We Are Arrow Nation Logo


CLINTON — There is a new look and feel to the Clinton Public School District announcements and publications.

“We launched the ‘We Are Arrow Nation’ campaign this summer as a unifying theme for our community,” said Public Information Officer Sandi Beason.

The district’s newly designed Website,, includes the new logo and signature red, black and white graphics. This same theme is applied to the district Facebook, Twitter and new Instagram accounts as well as the Key Communicator Network email newsletter and other publications.

It is also a hashtag, creating searchable posts on social media.

The “We Are Arrow Nation” campaign was the popular choice, she said.

“We asked our community in the spring to choose from ‘We Are Arrow Nation,’ ‘Be An Arrow,’ and ‘Arrows Rising,’” she said. “In an online poll, ‘We Are Arrow Nation’ won in a landslide with over 65 percent of the vote. It’s a choice that appealed to our current students, families and employees, as well as alumni.”

As the Clinton Public School District moves forward with a $25 million bond issue, the bond campaign is also incorporating “We Are Arrow Nation” into its messaging.

If successful, the bond will fund expansions at most schools in the district as well as relocating the CHS Career Complex from it’s current site at Clinton Junior High to the main Clinton High School campus.

For more information, visit the district Website at or contact Beason at [email protected].