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99 percent of CPSD third-graders pass reading test

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Clinton Public School District

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Media contact: Sandi Beason, APR


CLINTON — Nearly all of Clinton’s third-graders passed the recent reading state test and will move to fourth grade this fall.


The Clinton Public School District enrolls 449 third graders, and only one did not meet the requirements for promotion. Mississippi’s Literacy-Based Promotion Act requires that all third-graders must pass this test before they can pass to fourth grade, with some exceptions for learning disabilities.


“There is no magic formula that can ensure that each individual student gets what they need,” said Mandy Ambrose, principal of Clinton’s second- and third-grade school Northside Elementary. “The magic is in the ability of the classroom teacher to pinpoint what each child needs and do whatever is necessary to ensure that each child is successful.”


Northside uses a data-driven approach to pinpoint each student’s strengths and weaknesses using formative assessments throughout the year. Teachers use this data to give extra support where a need is shown.


Ambrose said the use of data to drive instruction and giving 100 percent effort has allowed Northside to be more successful than ever before on the first administration of this test. Students who don’t pass on the first try have two more attempts to take the test.


“Literacy is so important in the early grades and lays the foundation for success throughout the rest of students’ academic career,” said Dr. Tim Martin, Superintendent. “We focus on literacy starting in kindergarten and work hard at Clinton Park and Northside to instill a love of reading and learning.”


One of the side effects of preparing students for a successful life is that it also equips them with the strategies and confidence to succeed on state assessments, Ambrose said.


“Our teachers are incredibly invested in the all-around success of their students,” she said.