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CHS teacher one of 10 nationwide receiving tech grant

Heather McKinion, right, and Assistant Superintendent Anthony Goins


Clinton Public School District

Dr. Tim Martin, Superintendent

(601) 924-7533

Media contact: Sandi Beason



CLINTON— Clinton High School algebra teacher Heather McKinion is one of 10 teachers nationwide to receive a $3,000 classroom technology grant from Turning Technologies.


McKinion said she’s looking for solutions to close the mathematics achievement gap at Clinton High School.


“Algebra I is a class that’s generally taught in eighth and ninth grade, and a few sophomores should be enrolled once they attend CHS,” she said. “This year alone, 37 percent of the sophomore class is taking Algebra I. This is a large number of students who are almost two curriculum classes behind their peers, which puts them at a deficit for ACT purposes their junior year.”


Open to K-12 schools across the United States, the Classroom Improvement Technology Grant program awarded 10 classrooms with grants to purchase interactive technology to help instruction and increase student achievement.


McKinion said she heard about the grant while doing a graduate-level research paper on “closing the achievement gap and improving learning by integrating technology.” She filled out the application and submitted it, and was notified this week that her grant application was approved.


“My class will be getting a set of interactive calculators along with a teacher base and several other technology items that will allow students to engage and interact using their calculators, laptops, cell phones or iPads as we prepare for the state test,” she said.


The new equipment will also students to get immediate feedback on their work, which will open more in-depth discussion and improve learning. McKinion said it will also allow her to get a better understanding of who is on task and mastering objectives immediately, as opposed to those who are struggling and need more assistance.


“I am very excited about being awarded this grant and bringing this to Clinton High School,” she said. “I feel that this will be something new and exciting for our students that will create an excitement for learning.”