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Rising Arrow award recognizes students' character

Rising Arrow winners were recognized at the April board meeting.


Clinton Public School District

Dr. Tim Martin, Superintendent

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Media contact: Sandi Beason




CLINTON — A new award in Clinton’s public schools recognizes students for helping others around them in their school and community.

The Rising Arrow Award is given to one student per school per nine-weeks period, based on recommendations from school counselors and teachers. Students are recognized at school board meetings and receive gifts from Wal-Mart and Chick-fil-A. The Rising Arrow award winners for the third nine weeks are:



  • Clinton Park Elementary – Logan Moore

“Logan keeps a positive and willing attitude. If he sees another student struggling, he offers to help them understand. He is very caring and compassionate with other students, and he’s always willing to lend a hand when needed, whether it’s picking up trash or volunteering to read with another student.”



  • Northside Elementary – Ayden Jelks

“He makes it a point to befriend each and every student in our classroom. He is eager to work with anyone, and treats everyone with respect and kindness. He is a leader in group work, and jumps at the opportunity to help a friend who is struggling.”



  • Eastside Elementary – Faith Taylor

“Faith started a backpack program to send food home for students who might not have enough to eat. She took it upon herself to talk to multiple adults to get the program approved and ask for help getting it started. She truly has a heart of gold and always wants to help others.”



  • Lovett Elementary – Janiya Thompson

“Janiya is polite, bright, eager to learn, pleasant to be around, and a positive influence on her classmates. She managed to gracefully enter established social groups and is a friend to everyone in the room. Her infectious smile and lighthearted personality make everyone feel welcomed, accepted and safe.”



  • Clinton Junior High – Najmah Muhammad

“She is a great student, involved in student council, Ambassadors show choir, and is an honors student with excellent grades. She is always positive and upbeat, always has a smile on her face and is always helpful and encouraging to those around her.”



  • Sumner Hill Junior High – Emma Grace Stanteen

“Emma Grace displays a kind disposition. She makes sure Alex, Kate and Arshad know where to go and what to do, but more importantly she is their friend. She is their rock and helps build their confidence. For every field trip, our students would like Emma Grace to come. When she is not there, they ask about her. They want to share their experiences with her.”



  • Clinton High School – Christian Cudo

“Due to a terrible accident when he was younger, Christian is bound to a wheelchair. He does not let this unfortunate event define who he is or what he can accomplish. Christian can often be found at CHS spreading words of encouragement to his classmates and leading an active lifestyle. He is an avid basketball player in a local wheelchair basketball league. Recently, he spoke to members of the CHS Anchor Club about leading a positive life and not allowing life’s challenges to define who you are. CHS is lucky to have a student of Christian’s character, motivation and work ethic.”