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Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade!

This will be an exciting year for your child, as we build on basic skills to help create good critical thinkers. Together with your help as a parent, we will help your child grow academically, emotionally, and socially during this year. We emphasize team work and cooperation with others! We have high expectations and hope to instill skills that will lead to a successful student life in the Clinton Public School District. 
Tips to be Successful in 2nd Grade
·        Stay informed (check homework folder every night)
·        Read to and with your child every night.
·        Make sure your child is at school on time and present unless they are sick.
·        Allow your child to do their homework on their own and then check it.
·        Ask your child about their day and what they did.
·        If your child has a mark on their behavior chart, please talk to him/her about making good choices.
·        Use everyday experiences as educational tools. (grocery store-money, cooking-measurement, chores- responsibility, etc.)
·        Keep the lines of communication open with teacher. (if there is ever a problem or a question please send a note to school or call the office to set up a conference)
·        READ! READ! READ!