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What Does EL Stand For?

EL stands for English Learner. This is the official term that the Mississippi Department of Education uses to describe students with limited English proficiency. An English Learner is a child who is 3-20 years old who speaks a language other than English at home. ELs are identified through the home language survey, which is given when a child enrolls in school. Each student is then given a language service plan. 

What is a language service plan?  

A language service plan (LSP) is a plan that includes the EL services that will be received by each EL student. It is updated every year until a student exits the EL program. The LSP contains the student's demographic information, date of enrollment in a U.S. school, yearly LAS Links scores, classroom accommodations, and signatures of the support team. This plan is also signed by parents. 

What are EL services? 

EL services vary depending on your child's language proficiency. Students may receive additional time on tests, enrichment class with an EL teacher, and grade accommodations. 

What is LAS Links? 

LAS Links is the language proficiency test that is used throughout Mississippi to determine if a child has reached English proficiency. The test measures all four domains of language including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 

When does my child exit the EL program? 

Students are dismissed annually based in LAS Links scores. They will then continue to be monitored for three years.