The theme for 2017-2018 is "You are the Story." Billy Joel said, "Musicians want to be the loud voice for so many quiet hearts." Arrow Singers work together to communicate the texts of the music we sing and become strong voices for quiet hearts. This is how the story is created; taking a stand and being the voice for others. As we observe world events, past and current, there are times that each of us have asked, “What if things were different?” The focus of Arrow Singers this year will be how each of us can choose to join the story, change the story that we see for better, and make the story positive.

    The goal of the Choral Program is to provide opportunities for music education through preparation and performance. In the classroom, the students will practice skills related to vocal technique, music literacy, and concert performance. Opportunities to demonstrate skills learned will be given in the form of community performances, choir festivals, and choir competitions. 

    Choir is a collaborative art between the director, the singers, and the instrumentalists. To be successful, the collaboration requires that all parties make a commitment to be engaged at all times, strive toward excellence in preparation, rehearsal and performance, and encourage each other.
    This year will be an exciting one, filled with shared experiences, laughter, wonderful music-making, and new relationships. I cannot wait to share them with each member of Arrow Singers!


    carol joy  
    Carol Joy Sparkman
    Choral Director 
Arrow401 2017-18