•  The National Honor Society recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership and character.
    Juniors and sophomores are eligible for membership into National Honor Society during the spring of their sophomore or junior year. Students must have a cumulative , unrounded GPA of 90.0 as well as involvement in school and community activities. 
    Juniors and sophomores are notified in February if they meet the initial eligibility requirements.  Then, students are given an application that must be returned by a deadline. The induction ceremony for qualifying students takes place in April of each school year.
    In order to remain a member in good standing , students must maintain a cumulative unrounded GPA of 90.0 , pay annual dues of $5, participate in at least two service projects each semester, and maintain a clean discipline record.
     If you have any questions about National Honor Society at Clinton High School, please contact the sponsors:
    Mina Darnell- [email protected]
    Hannah Rachel Smith- [email protected]