• Teacher Spotlight

    Posted by Brad Freeny on 2/3/2013
    Mina Darnell

    Teacher Spotlight 

    by Jay D. Rao


                Junior math teacher Mrs. Mina Darnell has been chosen as the inaugural “Spotlight Teacher” of CHS!  She is in her 24th year of teaching.  She teaches Honors Trigonometry/Honors Pre-Calculus, Algebra II, the mathematics section of the Humanities-PSAT prep course, and ACT Prep during homeroom.  She also is the assistant coach for the Lady Arrow Fast Pitch Softball team.

                    Mrs. Darnell was born in the River City of Memphis, Tennessee.  Although born in Tennessee, she grew up in Clinton and attended Clinton High School!  While in high school she was quite the athlete—she played basketball, softball, and soccer.  Growing up, Math was always her favorite subject, and in college the course that she liked the most was Linear Algebra.

                She graduated CHS in 1984, and even had one of our current staff members as a teacher:  MR. BEASLEY!  She said that the most different thing about CHS now is the huge change of technology.  Mrs. Darnell, by far the school’s most renowned MOBY wizard, says that back then the school didn’t have many computers and projectors like it does today.

                    Her favorite college football team is the Mississippi State University Bulldogs, and she bleeds maroon and white.  She has two daughters, Hannah and Rachel.  Hannah, age 16, is a CHS junior and is currently taking her mother’s Honors Trigonometry class!  Rachel, age 12, attends Clinton Junior High School.

                    Mrs. Darnell’s favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate, and her favorite movie is Toy Story because as a child, she used to own a lot of the toys in the movie, and come on, who doesn’t love Tom Hanks?  Her favorite vacation spot is Disney World in Orlando, FL because it is magical.  When asked what animal she would like to be if she had the choice, she said, “A bald eagle.  They’re so majestic, and I’ve always wanted to fly.”  Just as the bald eagle stands for a symbol of our country’s patriotism, Mrs. Darnell stands a symbol for Arrow Pride.



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  • Student Spotlight

    Posted by Brad Freeny on 2/3/2013
    student spotlight

    Student Spotlight 

    by Jay D. Rao


                   The very first “Spotlight Student” ever is tenth grader Wynton Sims!  I got the chance to interview Wynton, and here’s the lowdown.  He and his family hail from Wisconsin, where he moved from at age 6.  Upon arriving in Mississippi, Wynton enrolled at Adhiambo Private School in Jackson.  After less than a semester at this school, Wynton transferred to Clinton Public School District and has been a loyal Arrow ever since. 

                    Wynton has a burning passion for soccer—he’s been playing since age 8, and he’s currently on the boys’ varsity soccer team.  Sims says that people are always getting him confused with Datti Jinkiri because they look exactly alike.  It’s very confusing because they’re both on the Arrow Soccer team.  Even though he’s only a sophomore, Wynton already has one championship ring tucked under his belt and is hungry for more.  Wynton’s prediction for the winner of the 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil is the host country, Brazil! 

                   Another big part of Wynton’s life is golf; he plays on the Arrow golf team and thoroughly enjoys it.  In fact, when asked which celebrity he would most like to spend a day with, he replied Tiger Woods.  Why?  “Because he and I could play golf.  Plus I think he should be forgiven.” says Wynton. 

                   Wynton’s favorite subject in school is math—which goes hand in hand with his career goal of being an architect.  He attended architecture camp at Louisiana State University this past summer and that really persuaded him to be an architect.

                   After college, Wynton does not plan on sticking around in MS, because he wants to see the world.  He also wants to give back to the community; charity is very important to him.  Wynton’s favorite college football team is the University of Wisconsin Badgers of the dominant Big Ten Conference.  His favorite books are those of the Hunger Games Series.  His favorite character is Rue. 

                   Wynton also has a sister at CHS, junior student council extraordinaire Nia Sims!  Both Sims siblings are members of the CHS Quiz Bowl team, which is anticipating a very prosperous season this year.  The Sims are also looking forward to exciting adventures with the Honors Science Club this year!  The thing that Wynton likes most about the high school is that it offers more freedom than Sumner Hill.  On behalf of the CHS Journalism Club, I hope you enjoy your freedom Wynton, and congratulations on being the first Spotlight Student!



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  • Euthanasia

    Posted by Brad Freeny on 2/3/2013

    Euthanasia: A PURELY EXPOSITORY Piece 

    by Anthony Scales 


                     Call it what you will, euthanasia, physician assisted suicide, or just plain old suicide, this hot button issue has become more and more prominent.  The idea that dying patients have the right to choose whether they suffer astounding amounts of pain or wrench from themselves the gift of life has emerged rather recently and placed itself at the forefront of ethical debates.  In this article, which is not meant to present a bias, platforms, judicial rulings, and relgious positions will both negate and affirm this idea. 

                   Dr. Jack Kevorkian is a name that many might be more familiar with as a cultural phrase, similar to Benedict Arnold, than that of a forerunner.  In the 1990s, he assisted over 40 people in committing suicide and was only convicted of second degree murder after he published a videotape of himself delivering a lethal injection.  This man brought the issue to the attention of the American people.  It sparked argument in home and court rooms all across the nation and, as a result, three states have legalized assisted suicide in the case where the patient has less than six months to live.  An additional stipulation was included in the legislation that required the patient to administer the medicine himself; the medication must also be prescribed by a certified physician.  But, these battles were only won as a result of much fighting on both sides.  In Washington, Oregon, and Montana, supporters of assisted suicide saw these acts as victories.  But, in other states, the affirmative supporters have not met nearly as much success.  In New York, for example, assisted suicide affirmers argued 14th amendment right as their case. (The 14th amendment states that no state shall make any law that which impedes upon the privelages of any citizen or that impedes upon life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.)  The Supreme Court made a critical ruling that there was no constitutional right to assisted suicide and allowed for states to prohibit it.

                   While debates raged in state Congresses and courtrooms, more private, intimate, and intense debates raged in churches, at dinner tables, and with ethics boards.  Most major religions of our day prohibit euthanasia because control of life is assigned to a greater being or deity, not man.  For example, Christian opposition to euthanasia cite the bible as a reason why man cannot make a decision concerning the physical life of others or themselves.  This belief is common among all denominations of Christianity and is shared by Judaism and Islam as well.  A more libertarian argument for euthanasia commonly brought up by ethical observers is the belief that the state should not make laws that dictate the life or death of a human being.  But these same observers must acknowledge that euthanasia, ethically speaking, violates fundamental medical practices on behalf of nurses and doctors.  Many argue that “Do Not Resuscitate” orders and other medical practices already practice a more passive form of euthanasia. 

                   Religiuous beliefs, court rulings such as those made in Florida, and influential platforms both negate and affirm euthanasia.  Arguments for and against this issue can no longer be ignored, as both have their obvious merit in multiple circles.  Only an individual can decide their stance and beliefs, and must realize that those beliefs will influence the course of millions of lives and of that very individual.



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  • FEA

    Posted by Brad Freeny on 2/3/2013

    Future Educators of America

    By:  Simmi Kaur



                   Do you have dreams of aspiring to become a teacher?  Do you need help learning what programs were made for you? 

                   If you answered yes to any of the above, then FEA is the answer for you.  FEA (Future Educators of America) is a wonderful club at Clinton High School.  The goal of FEA is to promote the importance of education and good teachers.  The club also strives to attract students to the vocation of teaching.  The sponsors of the club are Mrs. Kathy Greene, who teaches Child Care at the Career Complex and Mrs. Sherri Ottis, who teaches social studies at the high school.  

                   The club usually has around thirty to forty members.  The club always meets on the second Wednesday of every month.  Their activities usually consist of teacher shadowing, Family Read Night at Northside, and many teacher appreciation events.  The main teacher appreciation activity is teacher grams in the spring.  All students at the high school can write special notes to their teachers telling how much they appreciate them.  Overall, FEA is an amazing club that focuses on the importance of teachers and how to become part of the amazing profession.



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