Safety Club

  • The Safety Club (SC)/S.A.D.D. are actually two clubs with the same focus. Safety Clubs originally concentrated on seatbelt enforcement, but now are actively involved against impaired driving. S.A.D.D. chapter originally concentrated on impaired driving but have now branched out to include wearing seatbelts.

    The Sumner Hill SC is an award winning group of students whose
    objective is to convince other young people to make better choices
    in life.  The club conducts over forty projects annually at school
    or in cooperation with the Clinton Fire and Police Departments.
    The SC/SADD is the ONLY school club that is an official member
    and participant of the Mississippi Association of Highway Safety
    Leaders.  Club members make regular appearances at the monthly
    meetings, especially when the legislature is in session.  They also
    meet with the Clinton State Senator and the Clinton State
    Representative several times a year to lobby for enhanced seatbelt
    and D.U.I. legislation.
    Dues are $10.