• Welcome Freshmen! 

    Art Club is for students who are passionate about visual art, interested in exploring new techniques, and building upon their visual art knowledge. Art Club is NOT for those looking to simply add to their student resume.

    Typically, each club at SH meets once a month during HR. Since HR is only 20 minutes long, it limits the activities we can do during that time. In order for us to have more creative time together, we will also be meeting after school. These after school meetings are strictly to allow you more time to create and explore-they will not be counted in the 80% of meetings required to attend as listed below unless I previously notify you. I will always notify you ahead of time for any after school meetings so you will have time to arrange a ride.


    1. $10 club dues
    2. Maintain a C average in Art I. If you are not currently enrolled in Art I, you must have a teacher recommendation form, provided by me, from your either English, Math, Biology, or Social Studies teacher as well as maintaining a C average in that teacher’s class.
    3. Have no more than 5 detentions.
    4. Attend at least 80% of club meetings.
    5. Participate in at least 80% of club-sponsored events/projects/activities.

    Failure to maintain the grade, detention, and club meeting requirements will result in membership revocation without refund!

    Please note: 

    I do understand that you are busy people and there are other organizations or activities you will be involved in. However, and this goes for any club not just Art Club, if you cannot honestly commit to meeting at least once a month and be available to participate in major club activities you may want to rethink how many activites you are comitting to. We want you to get invloved and be an active participant in your freshman year but it is very easy to overbook yourself. If you think you might have any major scheduling conflicts, please email me or come see me!