• Lisa Lann, M.Ed, Ed. S, NBCC, NCC, LPC
    Mission Statement

     My mission as a Career & Technical Counselor is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that focuses on the personal/social, academic and career preparation/college planning needs of all students. The Comprehensive counseling program will serve as an integral piece of the overall educational experience and is committed to promoting and advocating that ALL students become college and career ready, as well as lifelong learners and responsible citizens in the community.


     Philosophy Statement

     It is my philosophy that all students have equal access to a comprehensive school counseling program. Essential to my philosophy, is the belief that collaboration between school counselors, educators, and/or parents will ensure that the needs and goals of every student are addressed so that each student can achieve success.


     The Comprehensive School Counseling Program Includes:

     College and Career Counseling provides students with opportunities to investigate the world of work and make informed career decisions, develop strategies to achieve future goals, and understand college and other post-secondary educational/career opportunities, including admissions and financial support.

     Academic Counseling assists students and their parents in understanding academics, curriculum options, planning an academic program of study, interpreting academic testing results, and developing academic skills that foster academic achievement.

    Personal/Social Counseling assists students in developing an understanding of themselves, the rights and needs of others, how to resolve conflict and to define individual goals, reflecting their interests, abilities, and aptitudes, along with the skill to be responsible citizens.

     Benefits for students 

    • Prepares students for the challenges of the 21st century through academic, career, and personal/social development
    • Relates educational program to future success
    • Facilitates career exploration and development
    • Develops decision-making and problem-solving skills
    • Assists in acquiring knowledge of self and others
    • Enhances personal development
    • Assists in developing effective interpersonal relationship skills
    • Broadens knowledge of our changing world
    • Provides advocacy for students
    • Encourages facilitative, cooperative peer interaction
    • Fosters resiliency factors for students
    • Assures equitable access to educational opportunities


     As a school counselor, I will abide by the ethical standards
    as advocated by the American School Counselor Association.