• Large group of students with their teacher


    Career Pathways Experience class preps students for the workplace


    CLINTON — Students in Sherrille Gooch’s Career Pathways Experience class at the Clinton High School Career Complex learn a variety of skills to help prepare them for the workplace.

    “Students have created scholarship resumes and completed the job acquisition unit,” Gooch said. “This intensive unit focuses on everything to do with obtaining a job.”

    Students learn how to create a resume, write a cover letter, how to conduct themselves in interviews, how to write thank-you letters and how to dress professionally. 

    Currently covering business etiquette, students will end the semester with a field trip to the Governor’s Mansion and the Mississippi Museum of Art.

    “They will have the opportunity to meet with Governor and First Lady Bryant, and practice their dining etiquette skills with a formal lunch provided by Chef Bruce Cain at the Old Capitol Inn,” Gooch said.

    Gooch makes a point to provide other resources to her students, including inviting speakers from Get2College to share information on how to apply for, plan and pay for college. A workplace safety unit included learning CPR, first aid and how to use an Epi pen and tourniquet.

    Speakers also visited from the Mississippi Department of Transportation to talk about the dangers of driving while impaired.

    In the second semester, the course focuses on employability skills, work ethic, teamwork, communication skills, personality-based career choices, and independent living.

    “In between all of the activities this fall, students still found time to plan and facilitate an amazing service project for Brookedale Senior Living home in October,” Gooch said. “Money raised from the fall fundraiser provided candy for 80 residents with a reverse trick-or-treat event. Students dressed in Halloween costumes and visited with residents while passing out candy door-to-door.”