Honor Society

  • National Junior High Honor Society Sponsors for CJHS: 

    Mrs. Beth Torrence 
    Mr. Jason Woodcock
    If you are absent, be sure to go by the library and sign the minutes so you will know what our meeting was about and so we will be able to give you an excused absence.   :)   
    Seventh grade information or eighth graders not currently a member:
    Your semester grade average must be 90 or higher in your major subjects with no grades in any classes below a B.  You must be a good citizen.   You must be active and have at least 5 activities.    You cannot have 5 or more detentions.  You cannot have any suspensions.  We will induct seventh graders and new eighth graders not currently in after the first semester ends.  This date will be announced soon.  


    The MATHCOUNTS Competition Program provides the extra incentive and the perfect atmosphere for students to push themselves to achieve more in mathematics.  Consisting of fun and creative problems, the MATHCOUNTS competitions have written and oral rounds, as well as individual and team components.  Though challenging and non-routine, the competition problems focus on the 6th through 8th grade standards of the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics. 

    MATHCOUNTS provides the materials for teachers and students to use as they prepare for the Competition Program.  Participants advance through School, Chapter and State Competitions until the final 228 students are selected from fifty-seven states and territories to advance to the MATHCOUNTS National Competition held each May.  The National Competition adds an additional individual component called the Masters Round.

     Book List for Mathcounts

    • "Competition Math for Middle School" by J. Batterson (2009)

    • "The Art of Problem Solving, Vol. 1: The Basics" by Richard Rusczyk (2006)

    Art of Problem Solving book cover

    The Art of Problem Solving, Volume 1, is the classic problem solving textbook used by many successful MATHCOUNTS programs, and have been an important building block for students who, like the authors, performed well enough on the American Mathematics Contest series to qualify for the Math Olympiad Summer Program which trains students for the United States International Math Olympiad team. Volume 1 is appropriate for students just beginning in math contests. MATHCOUNTS and novice high school students particularly have found it invaluable. Although the Art of Problem Solving is widely used by students preparing for mathematics competitions, the book is not just a collection of tricks. The emphasis on learning and understanding methods rather than memorizing formulas enables students to solve large classes of problems beyond those presented in the book. Speaking of problems, the Art of Problem Solving, Volume 1, contains over 500 examples and exercises culled from such contests as MATHCOUNTS, the Mandelbrot Competition, the AMC tests, and ARML. Full solutions (not just answers!) are available for all the problems in the solution manual.

    • "The Art of Problem Solving, Vol. 1: Solutions Manual" by Richard Rusczyk (2006)

    Solutions manual book cover

    This is the solutions manual only to The Art of Problem Solving, Vol. 1. 

    Preparation Drills

    This website was designed to help competitors prepare for Mathcounts competitions.  Scroll down and leave on "Single Answer Test."  Do not enter a seed number.  Select the type of problem you want to practice.  Select how many problems you want to attempt.  Click "chosen randomly" and the site will generate your problems.  These problems are taken from Mathcounts material so they are very good practice for competition.

Student Council

  •  We are so happy that you are interested in student council. Student Council is a group of elected representatives who participate in service projects, school spirit, and teacher appreciation activities.  Some of the activities that we have planned this year are the pumpkin decorating contest in October and the Angel Tree Project in November and December.  One of our big fundraisers is our Valentine's Day gifts.  The Valentine's Day sales are used for school beautification, teacher appreciation, and service projects.  We usually try to take a field trip at least once during the school year for enrichment.
    Thanks for your interest, 
    Dodie Frazier and Jill Penick