Sample Ballot

  • Sample Ballot for bond issue


    The bond initiative reads as follows:

    "Shall the Clinton Public School District issue bonds in the maximum principal amount of $25,000,000 to raise money for the purpose of paying the costs, including the costs of borrowing, of purchasing, erecting, repairing, equipping, remodeling and enlarging school buildings and related facilities, establishing and equipping school athletic fields and necessary facilities connected therewith, and providing necessary water, light, heating, air conditioning, sewerage facilities for such school buildings and related facilities, including but not limited to the following generally described project to the extent funds are available:
    (a) Clinton Park Elementary: add classrooms and toilets and expand cafeteria area;
    (b) Northside Elementary: add classrooms and toilets;
    (c) Eastside Elementary: make renovations and additions as necessary;
    (d) Lovett Elementary: Add classrooms, toilets and administration area, renovate and improve exterior facade and building site;
    (e) Clinton Junior High: renovate academic and chorus areas, renovate and improve heating/cooling/lighting system, and electrical system and
    (f) Clinton High School: add classrooms/labs and a new career academy center, enlarge band hall, upgrade electrical system and exterior building site

    Voters will have the option to vote for or against this initiative.