Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Why is the Clinton Public School District asking for this bond issue?

    A. We are bursting at the seams! Our enrollment has increased every year for the past decade, from 4,700 students in 2008 to more than 5,300 students today. That's an increase of about 600 students districtwide, with increases at every grade level and school. Rising enrollment is a good thing and we are blessed to be able to attract so many families to Clinton! Now we are at the point where we must expand our facilities to accommodate this growth.


    Q. What will it cost?

    A. We are asking for $25 million.


    Q. That's a lot! How much will my taxes increase if the bond issue passes?

    A. Fortunately, we are not asking for a tax increase with this bond issue, so your rates shouldn’t increase if it passes! This is possible through projected economic growth from the Continental Tire manufacturing plant and overall economic growth in our city.


    Q. Speaking of Continental coming, plus suppliers, contractors and more ... why aren't you planning for much higher enrollment increases?

    A. Legally we cannot build for students we don't yet have. We can only build for our current enrollment. However; our newer campuses were built with expansion in mind and we do have room to add on to these buildings.


    Q. So how will this money be spent?

    A. This bond issue will impact nearly every school in our district. Here's a few of the projects:

    • Clinton High School - Relocate the CHS Career Complex from its current location on Lakeview Drive to the CHS main campus on Arrow Drive; expand the band hall; add additional classrooms; and electrical upgrades for technology.
    • Clinton Junior High School – Once the CHS Career Complex relocates, renovate this facility to house CJHS fine arts programs and elective classes; renovate the current fine arts area into administrative offices with a safer main entrance to the school; turn current administrative area into classrooms; and improved lighting and electrical upgrades.
    • Lovett Elementary School – Exterior façade renovations and safer main entrance; additional classrooms and restrooms; and adjustments to the school driveway.
    • Eastside and Northside Elementary Schools – additional classrooms as needed.
    • Clinton Park Elementary – Expanded cafeteria and additional classrooms.


    Q. Why don't you build another school instead of expanding on the existing ones?

    A. Our current grade structure has been hailed nationally as a model for equity and academic success. By expanding our current facilities we are able to maintain the grade structure and not divide our district into zones. We are glad we can keep the same formula that's working so well.


    Q. Why doesn't this bond issue include more parking at Northside & Eastside Elementary and Clinton Park?

    A. We hear you and we recognize that this is a need. However, we had to make classrooms and buildings a priority in this bond issue. We have portable classrooms at most schools because there isn't enough space within the buildings. This is a daily need throughout our district; parking at our elementary schools is an issue on days that these schools hold events.


    Q. How does this bond issue address safety?

    A. Throughout our district we have multiple measures in place to keep our students and employees safe, and we partner with the Clinton Police Department to have full-time School Resource Officers in our buildings. With this bond issue, we are planning to renovate the front entrances at Lovett, Clinton Junior High and Clinton High School. These renovations are designed to prevent someone with bad intentions from having easy access to enter the schools and harm our students.


    Q. My children have graduated and are no longer in the school system. Why should this bond issue matter to me?

    A. A strong, successful and well-maintained school district helps the community in multiple ways! Here are just a few:

    • One of the criteria that corporations look at when considering locating in a community is whether they have passed a school bond, how recently and by what percentage. This is an indicator of how well the community supports education and as we know a great school system attracts industries. The Clinton Public School District's last bond issue (in 2010, to build the Northside & Eastside Elementary campus) passed with 86.5% approval. Another successful bond issue will send a powerful message to employers that are considering where to locate.

    • If you own property in Clinton, your property will retain its value (or increase) when the public schools are strong and successful. Modern and well-maintained school facilities are part of this.

    • A great school system is critical to attracting young families to Clinton. For years, Clinton has been an A-rated school district filled with highly qualified teachers and top-notch programs. These things are very important when it comes to recruiting families to our community, and so are safe and modern facilities.


    Q. This is a big project. How much planning went into this bond issue?

    A. Since 2008, the Clinton Public School District has operated under a 5-year strategic plan that included facilities as one of the primary goals. We hold strategic planning meetings with stakeholder groups every 1-2 years to evaluate progress on each plan goal and update the plan for the next five years. This is the second bond issue since we started the strategic planning process (in 2010 we had a $23.5M bond to build the current Northside & Eastside).

    If this bond issue passes we will be able to complete one of our long-range goals of moving the Career and Technical Education center from its current location at Clinton Junior High to the main campus of Clinton High School. This is significant for logistical reasons (students will no longer have to drive or be bused back and forth between campuses) and, more importantly, academic reasons. With the CHS Career Complex at the CHS campus we can expand career and technical offerings which will ultimately better prepare students for college and careers.


    Q. When is the election and who can vote?

    A. The election will be held Tuesday, Sept. 11 with one polling place at Traceway Park in Clinton. It is open to registered voters who live in the Clinton Public School District boundaries.


    Q. I will be out of town on Sept. 11. How can I vote absentee?

    A. All absentee ballots can be cast at the City Clerk office at Brighton Park:

    Clinton City Clerk
    530 S. Frontage Rd.
    Clinton MS 39056