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    See below for frequently asked questions in the registration process:


    1. What bills can I use for proof of residency?   
    Only electricity, water, or gas bills may be used to prove residency.  Cable/internet, insurance, bank statements, voter registration, or other pieces of mail may NOT be used.  
    2. What if I don't have a bill in my name or all my bills are included in my rent? 
    You can also use your car tag registration or car title as proof of residency if you do not have a utility bill.
    3.  What if I don't have a utility bill or car tag?  
    Students with special circumstances must visit Central Office and meet with our superintendent for approval to register.  
    4.  Can a grandparent or aunt/uncle register my child?
    No. Only a custodial parent or legal guardian can register a child.  If you have custody papers regarding your child, you must visit Central Office with those documents for approval before visiting the school to complete registration. 
    5.  If I did online registration, am I done?
    No, after online registration is complete, you must go to each school to complete paperwork specific to that school and take the appropriate documents as listed on the main page.
    6.  What school supplies does my child need?  
    Hover your mouse over the "Schools" tab on the home page and choose your child's school from the drop-down menu. Each elementary school has a link to a school supply list for each grade. Junior High and High School students will have supplies specific to each class as determined by the teacher.
    7.  What if I live with someone else?
    You must pick up an Affidavit form from the child's school that must be filled out and notarized. You must have a lease/mortgage/deed and Utility bill/car tag for the homeowner AND the parent must have a Driver's License at that address as well as a utility bill or car tag at that address.