Charlie Melton Welcome to the 2013/2014 Clinton Arrow King Pin bowing Season
My name is Coach Melton I have been coaching the Arrows bowling team for eight years. The King Pins are going into their 9th season. We will be playing matches all over the metro area. The season will start on Nov. the 12. On behalf of all the Arrow King Pins I would like to invite all the students and staff to come out and support the Kingpins.
Coach Melton
Clinton High School 2013/2014 Girls Bowling team                                                Boy's Bowling Team 2013/2014
Daneva Arane                    Katlyn Richardson             Chelsa Waddell                   Troy Knight             Zack Schemmel
Reulesha Butler                 Brittany Baldwyn                Mariah Atwood                    Sean Borlin             Mason /smith
Laura Denson                    Adia Wilkerson                                                               Erick Cepeda          Craig Thomas
Kayle Griffith                      Amber Baldwyn                                                              Rufus Leflore          Parker Jackson
Carol Grimmett                  Cera Cade                                                                      Dillon Pankey         Harpreet Singh
India Landing                     Samantha Schemmel        Manager Taylor Tullos         Cole Stewart          Damien Green
Teresa Patton                    Darraneisha Spann                                                        Avery Mosley         Kenneth Thomas